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Inbound Ignited Customer Success Story - Vantage Point Title

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How a National Title, Escrow and Default Services Provider Created the Ultimate Sales Enablement Tool

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The Situation

At the beginning of 2020, Vantage Point Title held a sales team meeting where they reviewed all of their marketing materials and realized the lack of consistent branding. They decided they needed to create a unified statement across the board. The marketing materials they had were not working nor getting the point across to their potential clients.

Consistently communicating the value proposition of a product or service isn't an easy job for most organizations. Brand messaging is the foundation of any high-performing business, and it's a lot of work. Creating stellar marketing materials and updating sales enablement tools to ensure a cohesive, consistent, and impactful message can be time-consuming.

Still not convinced branding matters?  Well, according to a survey by Lucidpress, business leaders report an average of 33% revenue growth if they maintain consistent branding! 


The Problem

If you asked Steve Medendorp, an executive at Vantage Point Title, about the state of VPT's marketing materials, he would say that they were in desperate need of updating.

Vantage Point Title desperately needed sales and marketing collateral that was effective and consistent. "We've had some material grow stale over time. We've expanded our sales staff as well as expanded the services we're providing, and we needed something more in tune with today's market," Says Medendorp.

The goal is to make a strong first impression and create an affinity for your brand, starting with your prospect's first interaction. You must be consistent, clear, and compelling with how you present your product/service, features, benefits, and ROI.


The Solution

Inbound Ignited Transformed Vantage Point Title's Marketing Material by working with Steve's team to catalog all their content, both digital and print. We identified content pieces that were still relevant, pieces that would need some updating, and identified gaps where important content was missing.

We then worked together to create a concise sales presentation derived from all the different sources, both updated and new.

"We are happy with Inbound Ignited, especially with the fact that you guys were very attentive to what we wanted and understood that there comes a time when you do an exercise like this that we don't even know exactly what we're looking for. What we do know is that we have the documentation. We have the information in front of us. We just don't know how to compile it in such a way that is marketable. The things that I would say that were very helpful and beneficial to us were your ability to listen to what we had, take it in, and grasp what we're trying to sell. We knew we needed something to make it pop a little bit more." Says Medendorp.


The Result

Vantage Point Title's sales team was delighted to receive the new sales and marketing tools. They've given rave reviews and are now using it consistently in conversations with prospects.

"And since then, I even personally started using it and submitted it to some of my clients. There's a specific slide in one of your presentations that opens the door for further discussions, the slide that had our different products on there. And on that slide, it stated we do refinance, day in day out. But guess what, we also do purchase business, we also do commercial business. So, for us, we use that particular slide to upsell into different areas for some of our clients who never even knew that we were capable of producing that type of service for them." Says Medendorp.

Making sure your business and your employees have the right tools in the toolbox will help you grow better.


Need to streamline your inbound efforts? Let's Talk!

Inbound Ignited will equip you with powerful and effective sales and marketing tools that will drive more revenue in the world of digital sales and help you dependably communicate your unique story.

Your business needs a marketing and sales strategy that keeps your message targeted and consistent. Results matter, so put your trust in us and get ready to achieve marketing success!